Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Scrapbook Room

I got the chance to finish hanging up some paintings/collectibles for the scrapbook room. I posted a peek on my Facebook page and you all wanted too see more! It took me a little bit to decide where everything was going to go. I didn't have much space and have lots of stuff :) How have you personalized your creative space?!

Princess painting was a gift. The kitty paintings are from Cafe Tu Tu Tango. If your ever in Orlando I would highly recommend going there and get yourself an original piece of art! 

Bird print, I love these and found this at goodwill. Tim Holtz handmade mirror made by me and autographed :D

Sailor moon keychains, its my favorite anime and I got these while in high school and put them in the frame. The funny bunny sign, there is no bad gugu allowed in the room. I made the clock myself and see more photos of it HERE. The little purple ceramic owl is a new addition too! 


  1. Awesome room! love the dress form.

  2. Looking great! Love those cat canvases!

  3. This looks like a wonderful place to work!! Thanks for showing it! :) Evie