Friday, November 1, 2013

Life is crazy ...

Well it's been crazy to say the least. A lot of news some good and some bad. I have some pictures to share. 

We lost our wonderful precious furbaby "Shade". It's been tough for all is and our kitty "Eeyore" had it the worst and was very sad afterwards. We let ourselves grieve and knew we had to find kitty a new brother or sister. 

Well welcome our new addition to the family, "Hunter". He is a handful but so sweet and loving. Him and kitty are still adjusting but I know one day they will be best of friends. 

I've been slowly getting back into the craft room. Here is what I've been working on. 

Our moving announcements! All I have left to do is the printing of the information and they will be all set to go! I was in such a craft rut when I was trying to make these! We didn't want to send any off till we knew we had settled into our new place, being a military family is a new path for us, but we are really enjoying it :) 

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Happy Art Making,

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