Friday, June 27, 2014

Foodie Friday: Cilantro Chicken

Happy Friday!!!!

So far I spent some time at The Creative Nook, finishing up some design team creations and helping around the store! Puppy had a play date and we meet a new friend! And now its time for Foodie Friday!

This is a super easy quick recipe and yummy! We had it with rice and black beans. I think it would be really good in taco's hmmm hmm hmm good!

In the pan! 

Yum Yum! 

Cilantro Chicken

2-3 Chicken Breast
3-4 Limes
4 Garlic Cloves
Olive Oil
Chili Powder

1. Cut chicken breast into chucks. 
2. Add enough olive oil to the pan to cook the chicken. 
3. Add chicken to pan. 
4. Add desired amounts of seasoning to chicken. 
5. Cook and mix chicken and add limes juices. 
6. Enjoy!!!! 

*There is no amounts on the seasoning because we all like or don't like certain seasonings. I don't like spicey so I added less chili powder. 
*Still not sure on the amount, once the chicken is in the pan, sprinkle the seasoning on the chicken till its got a good layer on it. 
*I don't ever have limes in the house but I do have lime juice so I used that instead :) 

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